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FinKi makes some really dull (sorry, niche!) stuff

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But if you need live and always up to date Key Information Documents then you're in the right place

If you're a Freetrade or Trading 212 user and looking for dividend data then you're in the right place


A super easy API to extract stock/ETF datapoints

and feed into Goolge sheets, Excel or your website

Extract dividend, price, underlying holdings & more


An always 'live' feed of KID/KIIDs via an easy API

OCFs, Transaction Charges, Performance fees

and EMT data automatically extracted and served

FinKi KIID API - A quick/limited demo

See a limited example output from the KIID API

* Only shows 2 ETFs *

* Does not demo the Charges or EMT output *



FinKi Video Demos

Quick demos of the KIID API

See a quick overview of why you need a live API

See some of the output the API produces


FinKi Dividends May 2020

Quick Overview of Dividends paying May 2020

* Always changing, being added to etc... *

* Updated as-and-when *

FinKi Dividends June 2020

Quick Overview of Dividends paying June 2020

* Always changing, being added to etc... *

* New search filter *

FinKi Dividends July 2020

Coming Shortly

* I've been a bit slow! *


FinKi LIVE share prices

Brokers quotes confuses you?

Not getting the price you think you should?

FinKi live price 'predicitor' solves this buy looking at actual order book trades and gauging the market before you press that sell button

FinKi Share Search

See what brokers trade which shares

Search by security

See free, cheap and premium brokers

FinKi ETF Holding Search

See what ETFs hold what stocks

Search by security

See over 2000 UK ETFs underlying securities

FinKi IT Holding Search

See Investment Trust holdings

Search by security

See 100's of UK IT's underlying securities

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